Levi's Magicmirror™
Thebigspace teamed up with Levi’s Mexico to pilot our Magicmirror application for their item-level RFID program. The objective was to drive sales and increase associate engagement while providing a differentiating consumer experience.
Competing as a stand-alone retailer required that Levi’s offer a unique in-store experience. Furthermore, unlocking the value of item-level RFID required a compelling enough business case based on top-line benefits in addition to supply chain savings.
The results spoke for themselves. Levis saw their conversion rates jump from 8% to 34% with the Magicmirror solution. Average spend per transaction rose from $102 to $142. Items per purchase increased over 1.5 times and the average time spent in store for each customer rose from 4.5 minutes to over 10.6 minutes allowing more time for associates to engage with customers.